HTC Inspires Change Through Movement

Core Values

■  Nurturing Environment  ■  Empathy  ■  Journaling  ■  Movement  ■  Discipline  ■  Visibility  ■

Haven was built as a love letter to you and your future self. It is a place where you are nurtured and supported. We want you to know that we see and understand you. We are here for you and we want to walk with you through your journey. We know you are so worthy. You are so loved. All hope is not lost, it is just the beginning of something really great. Coming to Haven is the start of the next chapter in your life and it should be the MOST exciting. That is when you fully embrace who you are and all the gifts that you have through movement. 


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Yessy Ledezma

My relationship with movement started nearly a decade ago . At the age of 25 ; I had struggled with severe underweight for most of my life , at that point i had almost given up on the idea of maintaining a healthy weight . However, falling in love with movement and finding discipline in nutrition got me to a healthier me , therefore , i was able to teach my family the same habits .

My hope for haven is to always provide a nurturing, loving environment for everyone that comes through our doors and kindly guide them through their own journey.

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